Has Videoconferencing Finally Come to the SMB?

Videoconferencing has been one of those things that seems like a great idea but never quite could reach adoption. Adoption has been always been hampered by high equipment cost, bandwidth cost and availability, and of course having someone on the other end with a compatible system.

Fortunately the cost and availability of bandwidth has radically changed, its rare to see a customer in the Seattle-metro market who can’t affordably get 10+mb.

Skype brought us partway there with free desktop video, but conference room systems still run in the thousands if not tens of thousands. This is why we’re so enamored with TelyHD, particularly the Premium Edition at just $1249.

Of course the TelyHD does video to other TelyHD boxes, but also Skype, and SIP based videoconferencing systems like Polycom. With TelyCloud you can do a six way videoconference with other TelyHD systems, as well as share desktop content just by installing a little app. BlueJeans compatibility is also included for more complex multi-device sharing.

A few bonus features are desktop sharing for local presentations and a built-in web browser for surfing on your conference room TV.

With easy setup, tremendous value, and broad compatibility – SMBs finally have a videoconferencing solution they can use.