Cloud PBX

cloudpbxCloud PBX systems remove the phone system from your offices and places them in the cloud.

Why get Cloud PBX?

Cloud PBXs aren’t for everyone but are well suited in the following situations:

  • Companies that favor OPEX over CAPEX
  • Companies requiring major growth room
  • Companies with many branch offices
  • Companies favoring the all inclusive nature of Cloud PBX


Traditionally phone systems required major capital expenditures (CAPEX) while Cloud PBX is pure operating expense (OPEX). If your finance team likes OPEX, Cloud PBX is the way to go.

Major Growth Room

When companies need room to grow, they often end up buying over their current needs or buying a system too small for the long run. Cloud PBX scales without having to buy any more than you need at any given time. You’ll never “max out” your system or be surprised by having to buy new cards or licenses to grow.

Branch Offices

Any business with many sites knows the pain of managing multiple phone systems over a region or nation. Cloud PBXs are fully cloud managed and you can manage all sites from one interface.

All Inclusive

Cloud PBX combines your phone service, phone system, handsets, and support all in one easy monthly cost. Cloud PBX is a single source solution for your telecom needs.

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