Allworx IP PBX

AllworxAllworx continues its commitment to providing solutions that break all the industry rules on price, functionality and ease of use. The Allworx Product family eliminates the compromises that businesses have had to make when transitioning to VoIP technology – offering all of VoIP’s benefits, without losing any of the traditional phone features you enjoy. There’s no compromising for our customers!

Stay Connected Like Never Before
Allworx makes is easy to be connected no matter where you are – in office, working from home, or in the field. Allworx IP phones can plug in nearly anywhere with an internet connection to make and receive calls just like you were in the office. Calls can also do “follow me” routing to cell phones.

Voicemail is easy to manage from your phone, calling in from your cell, in your email inbox, or the Reach iPhone/Android app.

An Easy Migration
Upgrading to an IP Phone System doesn’t mean radical changes. Allworx systems can connect to the phone service you already use – no need to change. For offices accustomed to a Key System configuration, Allworx can be a Key System or PBX – while other IP Phone Systems force you to learn the PBX model. New features and cost savings don’t mean relearning everything you know about phones.

Reduce Calling Costs
Allworx makes it easy to start with traditional phone service you have now and switch when you’re ready to Digital Voice, SIP (VoIP), or T1 service to reduce costs. Unsure which way to go? Our experienced consultants will analyze your usage and find the optimal plan for your business.

Advanced Feature Options
Allworx is a powerful system out of the box, but it can be extended to do nearly anything. Connect all your offices to eliminate costs and improve communication. Manage your calls with a point and click interface and click to dial from Outlook. Manage a call center to improve the efficiency of your sales and support teams. Run your own secure conference call bridge.

Local, Professional Installation and Support
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