DSL – You’ve Come a Long Way Baby

Long ago I remember the blazing speeds of my first 1.5Mb DSL. DSL has in many minds fallen to second rate status as in many cases its still stuck under 10Mb. I was amazed recently to discover 40Mb/20Mb DSL for a client on Northup in Bellevue – a notoriously difficult place to get good bandwidth.

Today’s DSL isn’t the same technology anymore – rather than trying to transmit a DSL signal over miles to a central office, they use DSL to a local node usually on your block. The shorter range means higher DSL speed, the node then has fiber out from there to the internet. Technically this is called FTTN/VDSL2 (fiber to the node very-high-bit-rate digital subscriber line 2).

In many cases customers go for this service when coax (cable) internet isn’t available, but sometimes it can deliver more bang for the buck on a less congested network.