Church Phone Systems

Over the years we’ve done a number of church phone systems and we’ve found they tend to be a bit different than other offices.

Commonly churches are built in phases, sometimes over decades, not always with the same wiring in each phase. This leads to some areas being ready for IP phones but others only being wired for digital/analog phones. IP phones also require a higher quality of LAN infrastructure than many churches have installed. We’ve found hybrid digital/IP systems like from Ericsson-LG are better suited to many churches than pure IP systems.

While IP phones don’t always work for churches, on the flip side we’ve found VoIP (SIP) phone services to be a great option. Churches often have great bandwidth with coax internet services like Comcast, but are okay with the minor risks of SIP phone service. With SIP call quality and reliability isn’t guaranteed because they use the public internet, but the cost is often half to a third of traditional lines.

We’ve avoided Cloud PBX systems with churches due to their per-handset price model. Churches tend to have many room phones which can make the Cloud PBX pricing model cost prohibitive.

A phone system with many auto attendants and announcements tend to work well for churches – many have multi-tiered messaging and announcement mailboxes for programs, worship times, directions, etc. The Ericsson LG systems work nicely here due to their generous quantity of auto attendants and general mailboxes.

Bottom line, we’ve found the Ericsson-LG systems to be the perfect fit for our church clients.